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SEEDS Charter - supporting temporary use of vacant land and buildings - Zwischennutzung

Eintrag von am 03.08.2015

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We believe that temporary use and re-use of abandoned land and buildings can help create dynamic and resilient places in and around our towns and cities. Through this Charter we will promote such uses as an integrated part of both short and long term planning to help bring landscapes and urban areas back to life.

1. Reactivate: Stalled spaces increase decline, so vacant land and buildings should not lie passive, but be reactivated by temporary uses wherever possible.

2. Enhance: Buildings are best maintained through use. Temporary use can bring places that have lost their former purpose back to life, protecting, rejuvenating and enhancing valuable social and cultural heritage.

3. Experiment: Temporary intervention is an effective and engaging way to improve a place instantly responding to immediate needs, foster design experiments and explore new creative public experiences.

4. Create: Temporary projects can act as transformative agents of stalled areas and create local ownership through involving people, institutions and businesses in common acts of place making.

5. Learn: Temporary activities can harness local resources and foster new skills and capabilities.

6. Ripen: Reconciling interim approaches with formal planning procedures, allowing a slow ripening of places through site specific initiatives should be an integral part of developing resilient environments.

7. Value: Value should be defined not only in terms of finance, but also include cultural, aesthetic, entrepreneurial, environmental and social activities that can act as a significant catalyst for community development.

8. Support: Decision makers must be encouraged to adopt a mindset that actively supports temporary use and bottom-up initiatives that can create better and more interesting urban and rural environments.

9. Enable: Policies and procedures should be streamlined, accessible and responsive, enabling temporary use, discouraging vacancy, and minimising bureaucracy and cost.

10. Recognise: Short term use should be recognised as a valuable and inherent part of long term planning. It should not be excluded or dismissed; it is an enhancement, not a threat.

Here is the documentation of the SEEDS project: